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Fruit Tart - Cooking Games
Fruit Tart - Cooking Games

Delicious Tart is not just a cooking game where you follow some steps and bake a cake. It's also a door open for discovering your hobby and a perfect place where you can test your skills.


# real cooking experience using ingredients and tools as in real life
# a relaxing way to develop cooking skills
# easy to play, divided simply and fun
# over 1,000,000 installs
# cool graphics and happy music

The main objective of this game for kids is to prepare and bake a Strawberry Tart. It's a cake recipe that can be cooked following some simply steps that are well explained in the game.


Strawberry Tart is a recipe applicable in real life so if you wish to cook it with your mom, just follow games instructions. As any other dessert recipe, you have to know the ingredients and go buy all you need from the grocery store.

After you have purchased the ingredients that you need to bake, it's time to turn on this cake maker and see how it goes:)

First step is to add ingredients in the mixer and prepare the dough for your strawberry tart. So use flour, eggs, milk, sugar and others. After that, put your dough in a tart shape and bake it in the oven or microwave.

Next step is to prepare a delicious cream for your tart and for that dessert maker you will need mascarpone cream, sugar and fresh strawberries. Almost done, only need to decorate it with some topping above and it's ready to serve!

Your review is very important for us so please let us know your impressions about the game.
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